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Combined Services

Combined Services for the Best Mag Wheel Repairs

Many of the mag wheels we work on at The Wheel Magician have both kerb damage and a build-up of hard to remove brake dust. So, we now offer our customers a specialist combined service with additional discounts, saving you even more money and ensuring your wheels look as good as possible.

This service includes repairing the kerb damage on your wheel and thoroughly removing all the brake dust. The end result will be wheels that look in showroom condition.

Find out more about our combined mag wheel repairs, and get a quote, by contacting us today.

Repairs to Kerb Damaged Wheels

At The Wheel Magician, we repair all makes and type of mag wheel on any car, van, motorbike, ute or boat trailer. We use the best materials available and we have a tried and tested process for repairing all types of mag wheel cosmetic kerb damage. This includes deep scratches and large scuffs, not dents or cracks.

As our service is mobile, we will complete the wheel repair at your home or office. For standard repairs, the work takes about an hour per wheel.

Break Dust Removal

Once we repair the kerb damage to your wheels, we’ll go through the process to remove any brake dust on the wheel as well. We can remove even the most stubborn build up of brake dust with a technique that causes no damage to your wheel.

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