Brake Dust Removal

Brake Dust Removal Service Throughout New Zealand

Brake dust is stubborn and hard to remove from your mag wheels once it has built up, but we have the solution at The Wheel Magician. We offer an expert and highly effective brake dust removal service which will make your wheels like new again.

Plus, our service is mobile, so we come to you.

So, if you are looking for an effective mag / alloy wheel cleaner, you should contact us.

What We Do

Every time you brake, particles from the brake pads come loose. This forms dust which attaches onto the wheel of your car. This dust clumps together over time and becomes etched onto the wheel, making it difficult to remove. The dust effectively becomes part of the wheel.

You can get brake dust cleaner products in shops, but none of them are truly effective. We know at The Wheel Magician because we spent a considerable length of time researching products and methods for removing brake dust before launching our brake dust removal service.

Unlike the brake dust cleaner that you get in shops, our service completely removes brake dust without causing any damage to your wheel.

Once we’re finished, your wheels will look as good as new.

To book one of our specialist mag / alloy wheel cleaner technicians, please contact us today. We have technicians in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and all over the country, so call today on 0800 537 233.