Brake Dust Removal

(Stand Alone Service)
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Brake Dust Removal

(Stand alone service)

It has been our experience that many vehicle owners are not only concerned about kerb damage to their wheels, but also by dirt and contaminates that they are unable to clean off the wheel. Such stubborn stains are usually caused by an excessive build-up of brake dust on the wheel.

Every time the brake pedal is applied, microscopic metal particles and other brake pad components are shaved off the brake pads and onto the wheels. Over time, these particles clump together and begin to corrode and etch themselves onto the wheel (usually on the sides of the wheel spokes and between them). At this point, washing and scrubbing will have little effect as the tell-tale black spots and stains have effectively become part of the wheels paint!

This is where The Wheel Magician can help. Over the last few months we have been working on a cost effective way to remove such build up without damaging the wheel to leave a near ‘as new appearance’.

Now, after extensive field testing, we are proud to announce The Wheel Magician’s BRAKE DUST REMOVAL SERVICE. Not only can we repair your wheels kerb damage, but we can really make it look like new again by removing all the old stubborn brake dust as well!

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